Kitten Cam Families

As our new mom has entered the terrarium, we have decided to move the histories and updates of past families to a new page. Read on for more details and updates about your favorite kittens and moms. Pictures and links will be posted below soon.

Family 9. Criminal Minds Kittens (batch one and two) Emily Prentis (3-4 year old mom) had five adopted kittens: Jason Gideon (orange), David Rossi (orange and white) Elle Greenaway (calico) Tara Lewis (grey) and Alex Blake (tortie). These four to five-week-old orphans were being syringe fed and recovering from a bath (syringe feeding is messy for EVERYONE involved) when Emily came over to make sure they were ok (there was a lot of screaming during the bath).  Pretty soon she was cleaning them and letting them nurse. Since Emily’s own kittens were ready to leave the terrarium anyway, we put these five in so that she can make sure that this second batch of Criminal Mind kittens grows up to be as strong and healthy as her first set. Jennifer “JJ” Jareau (grey), Penelope Garcia (dilute tortie), Derek Morgan (orange), Spencer Reed (orange and white) , Aaron “Hotch” Hotchner (black) along with the second set are all in a foster home running around and jumping on furniture to celebrate their excitement with all the new space.  Three of the kittens already have an application in and the rest of the family will be ready to go to their forever homes soon. The original criminal minds kitten family was surrendered at the city shelter and were brought to us when the kittens were only 7 days old (they were born February 1).


Family 8. Stephanie Plum (3-4 year old mom) and her two boys (Joe Morelli, all black) and (Ranger, black and white tuxedo) came from the Philadelphia city shelter where they were surrendered. Morelli and Ranger like to wrestle and play and are young hooligans. They are having the best time exploring their new space. We believe that Stephanie is looking forward to the extra space in the terrarium and having Ivory help her raise her boys so she can catch up on her rest. Stephanie is out at the cafe enjoying some peace from her boys. Morelli and Ranger are in a foster to adopt home!
Family 7. The New Ghostbusters. Abigail “Abby” Yates (1 year old mom) gave birth to four kittens and was brought into Animal Care Centers (the city shelter). We rescued her a few days later and she has been in a foster home to make sure she and her kittens are healthy since then. She has two boys (both brown tabbies) named Aaron Gilbert and Kevin Beckman and two girls (all black) Jillian Holt and Patricia “Patty” Tolan. The kitties have been exploring their new home and meeting Ivory (the rat) and are excited about all the space they have to run around. Mom is still a little nervous about the new space and keeps a sharp eye on them. She’s been a good mom despite her young age – but she gets a little annoyed with them sometimes. NEW ADDITION: Stay Puft – our little marshmallow man – has just been added to the Ghostbusters family. Puft was found in Bed Sty as a single bottle baby and raised by a foster until he was eating on his own. At that time he was very lonely so we placed him with this family. He has been learning how to play and romp with the other kittens. He’s a little younger than his new foster siblings, so is not as coordinated as they are, but he is learning fast how to kittens play – chewing ears, making sure to be the kitten on top of the pile, etc. The five kittens are going to a foster family to finish up their vaccines before coming to the cafe in 3-4 weeks where we expect they will quickly take over.
Family 6: Trudie & Her Stranger Things. Trudie the tabby was found living in the basement of a housing project in Fort Greene. We rescued her, very pregnant, on October 15th and SURPRISE! – a few hours later she brought five little kittens into the world. She is a very devoted mom and doesn’t let her little fools out of her sight for long. El (tabby with black nose) is the biggest and the only girl. She is sweet and loves to be held close. Dustin (tabby with pink nose) is a little monkey. He’s a mama’s boy and prefers to cuddle with Trudie instead of playing with his siblings. Lucas (black with white mustache) is mellow and sleepy while Mike (black with black nose) is always meowing. Will (black with white stripe on face) is the smallest by far, but he holds his own amongst the others. El, Will and Dustin all have applications in. Lucas, Mike and Trudie are in a foster home and enjoying the extra space to run around. Trudie found a home as well as El, Dustin and Will. Lucas and Mike should be back at the cafe soon to find their forever homes.
Family 5: The Royal Tenenbaums. Another former street family who was brought into the local city shelter because they had no home, their coloring reminded their rescuer of the Dalmatian mice in the movie. Plus mom, Etheline is majestic and beautiful  – like Anjelica Huston! Her children (two boys) Richie and Chas and Margot and Ellly (two girls) are so excited to play in their new home. Margot has found her forever home with another foster kitten, but Richie, Chas and Elly are coming back to the cafe soon.
Family 4: The LunchablesPeanut Butter and Jelly (brother and sister brown tabbies) were rescued from NYCACC with their mother Emma. Emma turned out to be a litter to un-socialized to have at the cafe, so she stayed in a foster home. Peanut Butter and Jelly stayed in the terrarium, while they were waiting for their foster home to get ready. They are excited to have lots of space to run around. PB&J are coming back to the cafe and were adopted into a lovely family.
Family 3: Philly Family: This Philly mom  (Julie) was brought to the city shelter in Pennsylvania where she gave birth to four kittens before catching a cold. She was brought up to New York City with her four kittens by a dedicated volunteer who wanted to make sure she and her family could find a safe home. Once Julie realized she had help with her kittens, she lost interest in taking care of them. Her kittens went to a foster home and Julie was spayed and has been adopted to a wonderful home.
Family 2: Jazz Singers: Mom (Josephine Baker) is spayed and adopted. She started out in a foster to adopt home, but they couldn’t imagine giving her up so has found her Forever Home. Etta and her friends were in a foster home where they enjoyed lots of space to run around. During her first day, Etta was pretty excited just jumping up on the sofa and getting back down. Etta, Snap, Crackle and Pop came back to the cafe to find their new homes and have all been adopted.
Background: As a young mother, Josephine was increasingly interested in hanging out with people and getting pets vs hanging out with her kitten so we let her out of the terrarium. Etta James (brown and white tabby girl) was joined by Snap (girl), Crackle (girl, white on back paw & chest), and Pop (boy). Along with Ivory (white rat) they are all providing companionship and entertainment for Etta for a week or so while their foster home was getting ready and until the new mom was ready to come in.
Josephine was a sweet, but very thin, 1 year old mom who had 6 kittens when the family was brought into the Animal Care Center (ACC – the county animal control center) because they did not have a home. We discovered that mom was very, very thin because she had been living in such harsh conditions. The kittens were also very fragile because mom had not been getting proper pre-natal care (or enough food). Despite the best efforts of our volunteers and veterinarians, the five boys all became weaker and eventually died. The single girl (Etta) is active and healthy and doing great (see update above).
Our First Family: Broadway Cats: Grizebella (mom), and her three kittens (Jem, Rumple, & Jelly) are all out of the kitten terrarium. Jem, Rumple and Jelly, were all given their first vaccination and are at a foster home terrorizing the other kittens while they get ready to the cafe. They caught a cold so their boosters were delayed. They should finally be fully vaccinated in a few weeks and ready to come back to the cafe. Grizebella enjoyed a vacation from her children and the cafe while she was spayed and recovered from her surgery. She just went to her forever home. Jem & Jelly have finally finished their vaccines and are ready to come back to the cafe. Jem & Jelly found a wonderful forever home and are very happy.