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Cafe Questions:

How does your cat cafe work?

You come over to our space and hang out, play and cuddle with our adoptable cats and kittens. Admission is $5 per half hour. Children under 3 years old are free. We will have everyone who comes in complete a waiver.

Can I bring my cat to play?

Unfortunately, no. All the cats at the cafe are available for adoption and have been screened for health and behavior issues to ensure that they will fit in with the other cats and human visitors. We are not set up to include your cat/dog in the mix. 

Do I need to have a reservation to come to the cafe?

We do not require a reservation to visit the cafe and we leave some space for non-reservation visitors at each time slot. However, we cannot guarantee access to the cafe without a reservation and there may be a wait to get in. To book a reservation you can select a time on our reservation page. 

Is this a real cafe? Can I order food or coffee? Can I bring food in from outside?

While we do not prepare any food at the cafe (the cafe kitties are too interested in helping to do that safely), we do sell yummy packaged drinks, treats and snacks.

What else is there to do at the cafe?

Should you decide that playing with the cats in the cafe is not enough entertainment, you can also visit with the cafe turtles (Henry & Eleanor) and the cafe rat (Ivory). Don’t forget to check out the mom and nursing kittens! We also have a small nook set up for children with a chalkboard table and some books and games. You can look at the art displayed on the walls – which changes as new local artists are given an opportunity to display their work. 

In addition to the public cafe hours we also have movie nights for both adults and children. Come watch a fun flick under a pile of cats! 

Yoga classes are available on some weekends. Under observation from curious cats you can attempt to stretch your body into positions that cats assume with ease and grace. 

Classes, lectures and other events are also scheduled on various evenings. These classes cover topics about animal health and ownership as well as local history and wildlife. 

More information about the various events at the cafe can be found on our Events page. 

I saw a great cat toy/treat at the cafe. Where can I buy one?

All of our cat toys are available for purchase at the cafe itself. You can also purchase these items on our online marketplace. 

How is the Brooklyn Cat Cafe different from the other cat cafes in NYC?

All cat cafes celebrate how wonderful cats are and provide opportunities to play and cuddle with cats. Brooklyn Cat cafe is the only cat cafe in NYC that is owned and operated by a local, non-profit, 501c3 animal rescue organization. As such, in addition to providing the cafe for visiting, watching movies and hanging out with cats, we also focus on outreach to the local community. We work to increase awareness of resources available to pet owners and rescuers. We work with local schools to provide opportunities for school children to visit and learn about the animals who live among us. We partner with students and educational programs to provide opportunities to create self-study projects and complete assignments. Finally, we have outreach programs to work with survivors of trauma in animal assisted therapy programs. All profits from the cafe go to our animal rescue and outreach work. 

You can find out more information about these programs on our website as well as learn about opportunities for you to help and contribute. 

Cat Questions:

What cats are at the cafe?

You can find pictures and descriptions of all cafe cats on our Meet the Cats page. 

How do I adopt a cat from the cafe?

Come down to the cafe and meet our cats. Then you can complete an application and schedule a time s/he can be brought home. For more information check out our adoptions page. 

Where do your cats come from?

Our cats come from all over. Some come from city shelters, some are found on the street and others have been given up by their former owners. None of our animals have been purchased from a breeder and we strongly encourage saving lives by adopting from shelters rather than supporting for-profit breeders whose practices are unregulated and vary widely. 

What veterinary treatment have the cats in the cafe had?

All cats have been seen by a veterinarian, are up to date on vaccines (for their age), tested for felv/fiv, microchipped and dewormed.  If you end up adopting from the cafe, we will provide you with a list of local veterinarians who will provide a free or discounted exam to adopted pets. 

I found a cat/need to give up my cat. Can I bring him/her to the cafe? 

Unfortunately, no. We are not set up to accept found/unwanted cats at the cafe because we need to ensure that the cafe cats are not exposed to new and dangerous germs. We suggest you contact the Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition directly to see how they can help.