Happy Tails

Adopted! Happy Tails from the cat cafe!

Dozens of cats were adopted at our extremely successful pop-up cat cafe on Myrtle Avenue last fall! These are just a few Happy Tails. As more cats get adopted from our new space we will post their happy stories here too.


Monty, a playflily and montyul teenage tabby, was adopted by Lily, who traveled through the pouring rain to take him home.



Bobbles, whom we called our  ‘wobble ’cat’, because she was born with mild cerebellar hypoplasia, a neurological condition, which affects her balance and coordination. She is so sweet that her new family doesn’t at all mind that she walks like a drunken sailor!




ASasha002FB (1)

Sasha and her three brothers (Gifford, Clarence, and Billy) were rescued from a Brooklyn backyard when they were a few weeks old, and hand-raised in our foster care, until they were all adopted from our pop-up cat cafe.



Debbie Reynolds is a fun loving, active, and incredibly sweet kitty. She is full of life and loves to play with toys, watch movement around her, and cuddle with her new family who fell in love with her at our pop-up cat cafe.


Faith008Faith is a sweet-natured, chatty, and social young cat. She loves to explore and play with her toys, and snuggle up next to her new family.


Many cats still await their forever homes and will be excited to meet you at the Brooklyn Cat Cafe! 
Until then see Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition’s adoptable cats online.