At least 500,000 homeless cats are walking the streets of NYC. Give them the gift of health this winter.

We don’t have the resources to rescue all of them, but with your help this November, we can improve the lives of 1000 cats by providing spay/neuter and veterinary care, and prevent at least 500,000 additional kittens from being born and suffering in the next five years.

Since 2021, our rescue clinic has performed over 2000 spay/neuters and we have a chance to multiply those efforts. This December, we are all-systems-go to supercharge those efforts with our first ever Spay-a-thon, which will change the lives of 200 cats over just four days – and with your support, we can do so much more.

If you can help us raise $50,000, generous donors are willing to match your contribution, allowing us to provide four additional spay-a-thons this winter, providing spay/neuter services to 1000 cats in 2023. All of this veterinary care would be in addition to our ongoing in-house surgeries.

Every contribution counts. A gift of just $5 will protect one cat from developing life-threatening diseases. Help us reach our goal this November and you will save the lives of 1000 cats in the New York City community.

Here is where your gift will go:

$5 Vaccine

$30 Antibiotic Injection

$100 Spay

$200 Microchips & Flea Treatment for 30 Cats

$500 Support Staff for 1 Day

$1000 1 Day of Anesthesia Medications for 60 Cats

$2500 Vet for 4 Days

$5000 1 Day of Surgery

$10,000 Spay & Neuter 100 Cats

$20,000 Spay & Neuter 200 Cats


Spay and neuter surgeries cost 5-10 times more at private veterinary hospitals and other low-cost options for pet owners have waiting lists of several months. With your support, our additional spay-a-thons will bring even more high quality veterinary care at affordable prices to low-income pet owners and rescuers paying out of pocket.


NYC needs to provide at least 50,000 spay/neuters a year to lower the overwhelming number of homeless cats on our streets— which means at least 137 surgeries a day. We know that’s an ambitious effort, but YOU can help us get this show on the road. Each spay and neuter this winter not only immediately helps a cat in need, it also helps build the infrastructure to ultimately tackle the epidemic of outdoor unspayed and unneutered cats living in our communities.