Be a part of the solution.

We support cats on every level with our public space, foster and adoption programs and rescue clinic. We are developing the tools and resources to empower independent rescuers and members of the public to take action in addressing cat homelessness.

Here is where your donation will go:

Donate $50

Care for the current cafe crew by filling their bellies and their litterboxes for a day.

Donate $30

Cover an exam for an adoption bound cat to help them on their journey to a forever home.

Donate $75

Rescue a cat! Cover an exam, vaccines, flea and parasite treatment and a micrcohip.

Donate $10

Clean up a recently rescued cat with flea and parasite treatment to help them feel and look good.

Donate $100

Bring in a cat family from the cold and provide vaccines, flea and parasite treatments and lots of food.

Donate $5

Provide a critical vaccine that protects against the most common diseases.