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Terry Gross & Dave Davies

Domestic Short Hair | 5 Years 1 Month |

Dave Davies and Terri Gross are two chubby, cuddly best friends who love cuddles and naps. They have no problem seeking out attention if they feel like they aren’t getting enough, but they’re also content sleeping their days away (preferably in the sun on a cozy blanket). With goofy personalities and loud purrs, Dave and Terri are perfect if you’re looking for lots of affection and laid-back cats. They often entertain each other as well, so you don’t have to worry about making sure they’re getting enough play time. In fact, they love to chase each other around with a toy before snuggling up together for some shut eye. At the end of the day, get ready for two kitties who will love you with their whole hearts. 

Want more Dave and Terri content? Check out their instagram @dave.and.terri for more cuteness!

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