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Mimi & Jacob

Domestic Short Hair | 1 Year 7 Months |

Mimi and Jacob will instantly win you over. They met when they were a few months old and immediately became super close. These sweet friends love to play and cuddle with each other and their favorite humans. Peep them hanging out in the sink together.

Mimi can come off shy and quick to startle, but warms up easily and will come your way for cuddles once she gets to know you. She is known to spend hours napping by her favorite window, followed by a mid day sibling chase with Jacob. She is tiny and has the softest little meow to match! She’s a good fit for anyone who has a bit of patience and some tasty treats.

Jacob is the sweetest lil’ guy. He loves to hang out by the window and watch his animal neighbors. He is known to shake his booty when he plays with Mimi, and is also an excellent napper. He isn’t picky about toys and will happily play with a paper towel roll. Jacob was also briefly called Kabob due to a typo in a text and we think it fits his sturdy build.

These sweethearts have cohabitated happily with other cats, but will be happy as long as they are together.

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