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Gracie & Olive

Domestic Short Hair | 1 Year 7 Months | Female

Gracie and Olive are a healthy bonded pair of orange ladies waiting to brighten up your day!

Gracie (orange & white) is the life of the party, and a big fan of headbutts and cuddles. Gracie will sit on your lap and purr for hours if you let her. This loud purring machine likes to follow her human around and is basically a dog in a cat suit. Gracie loves to be pet all over her body and is always ready for cuddle time.

Olive (orange) is a tiny little bit reserved, but curious and sweet. If you want a rewarding relationship, let her get to know you and watch her come out of her shell. It won’t take long because Olive can easily be convinced by toys and treats ;) Olive likes when her cheeks and chin are scritched and will gently rub against you to ask for more.

Gracie and Olive both love playing with toys and exploring. If they are not actively pouncing on toys, you will find them sitting in front of the TV, watching birds and sometimes squirrels. They’re mild mannered and are good at interacting with anyone as long as they’re respectful of the cat's boundaries. You can check out more of their day to day happenings on @gracienolive on Instagram.

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