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Domestic Short Hair | 4 Years 4 Months | Male

Add some spice to your household with Sebastian! He’s talkative, playful and loves head scratches.

While he was initially cautious on arrival in his new foster home, after a few days Sebastian was exploring his new home with great curiosity. Once he has settled in, he is a confident, independent cat, who will rush to the front door to greet you the second you arrive home. He is also comfortable around visitors to the home and asks for pets and head scratches from his foster and strangers alike.

Sebastian is good pals with his foster housemate Howard’s End and is eager to engage in playful zoomies and play wrestling with his fellow orange tabby buddy. Whether you’re looking to become a one-cat household or you have an FeLV cat who would like a companion, Sebastian is a cat who can do both if you have a little patience.

One thing that might surprise you about Sebastian is his enormous appetite. He behaves around food as if he hasn’t eaten for a month (and won’t eat again for another month) and will try to sniff out and scavenge any food he can find. A counter surfer at heart, he will even eat vegetables you might usually expect cats to turn their noses up at. Peas? Yup! Green beans? Yes please! Once a street cat, always a street cat!

Because Sebastian has FeLV, he can only be around other FeLV cats, but he is visibly healthy with no outward signs of FeLV. He will have the best chance at living many more years in a caring home with a proper diet.

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