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Melody & Grey Champion

Domestic Short Hair | 5 Months 27 Days |

Melody and Gray Champion are a strikingly mismatched duo that bring out the best in each other. Both girls like to trill and chat to each other from room to room – it’s so cute! They’re both playful, are chatty to humans and cats alike, and while a little shy, are total mushes for treats and chin rubs.

Gray Champion (dilute calico) is very gentle and a little shy, so relies on her braver buddy, Melody (black and white), to help her feel confident and ready to play and explore. But when dinner time comes around, Gray Champion transforms into an absolute ham! She flops on her back, rolls around, and jumps up to enthusiastically rub up on your legs as you prepare her favorite wet food.

Melody is energetic and is always the first for treats, pets, and playtime. She likes to cuddle close for naps and seems nearly ready to graduate to becoming a total lap cat! Once she warms up to you (she’s easy to bribe with treats), she loves to run over and arch her back in the cutest way to ask for just a few more scritches.

Both girls are just so loving and can’t wait to find their perfect home with you.

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