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Lugnut & Pivot

Domestic Short Hair | 5 Months 27 Days |

Pivot and Lugnut are the purrfect pair of canoodlers.

Lugnut just loves being pet and purring over your shoulder. He has big eyes to match his big heart as he and Pivot roll around like tumbleweeds. He loves to eat — and pass out with a food coma which leaves his tummy wide open for plenty of rubs.

Pivot is a bit shyer, but really opens up once she’s comfortable. She loves to purr and enjoys chin and whisker rubs. She’s extremely playful and initiates a lot of good shenanigans with Lugnut. She’s very pretty, and has the most amazing soft coat.

Both love being around people and miss their humans on a daily basis. Keep warm this winter snuggling with these cuties!

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