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Pheasant & Crescent Pleasant

Domestic Short Hair | 6 Months 27 Days | Male

Crescent and Pheasant are the most adorable, sweet, and well-mannered brothers you could ask for. Their personalities are perfectly matched for each other, and they can often be found playing with or napping on top of each other.

Pheasant is a gray and white boy who will come right up to you if you snap your fingers together and will start purring like a power drill as soon as you start petting him. He is a professional ribbon hunter in training and is extremely focused on getting all of the toys under his control.

Crescent, a white and brown tabby, may take a little longer to warm up, but once a few treat offerings are made, he will happily be purring on your lap. He has a sophisticated palate and will clearly let the chef know of his orders with the cutest meows during meal times.

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