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Easy Chester

Domestic Short Hair | 4 Years 3 Months |

Easy Chester is a four-year-old energetic big boy who has the cutest black devil eyes and loves fish snacks. He likes to chase toys and is really curious about the outside world. He is a pretty relaxed cat and is not afraid of strangers or noises. He is quiet at night and likes to sleep at the end of the bed.

Chester expresses his love a little differently than most cats. He will purr while nibbling at your hand, it might sting a little but he never bites. He is still learning to accept being hugged or picked up and we’ve discovered the best time to sneak in some hugs is when he just wakes up from his sleep.

He is best suited in a home where someone or a cat friend can play with him to spend his energy. He treats humans as giant cats so sometimes he may play with you like he plays with other cats: ambushing you from the corner, sprinting at you while you are on the sofa or in bed, etc.

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