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Genya and Zoya

Domestic Short Hair | 8 Months 5 Days | Female

You know the classic pair of polar opposite BFF's? You've seen it in movies - one is quiet and mysterious, wearing a black leather jacket and heavy eyeliner; the other is bubbly and friendly, ready to make friends with anyone she meets. Genya and Zoya are those BFF's in cat form. Genya is a tortieshell who makes you work for her love and attention. She will play hard to get and she will win (unless it's mealtime in which case her standards do go down a bit). Zoya has no reservations about her sociability. She loves everyone and isn't picky about who to cuddle with, talk to, or lick. 

Genya and Zoya are a delightful and hilarious pair of girlies who can't wait to find their forever home together!

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