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Punchline & Wordplay

Domestic Short Hair | 7 Months 1 Day |

Punchline and Wordplay are sweet, affectionate siblings who love nothing more than sitting on your lap or napping with you on the couch. They greet you at the door when you come home after work, and will follow you around the home (yes, even to the bathroom). They both like being picked up and held, and love head pats and scratches. The list of things they wouldn’t do for a churu stick is very short (in other words, they are very food motivated). 

Punchline is gentle and sweet, and Wordplay is silly and playful. During playtime Punchline prefers hiding and pouncing out at the right moment. Wordplay doesn’t quite understand the element of surprise yet, and loves chasing around the wand nonstop until he gets tired. 

Punchline is very good at making intense eye contact and meowing for treats (it’s very clear that’s what she wants). Her hobbies include collecting small objects and hiding them in her designated hiding spot (like behind couches or in boxes) and staring out the window. Wordplay loves making biscuits on blankets or on you and exploring your packages. Wordplay has a blast knocking small things off the table and chasing them around.

These loving siblings would be perfect for someone who is looking for cuddly and affectionate companions. 


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