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Maki Roll & Tamagoyashi

Domestic Short Hair (short coat) | 6 Months 1 Day | Female

Maki Roll and Tamagoyashi are an adorable bonded pair.  While they are sisters and they grew up together, their personalities are very different from each other!

Tamagoyashi is outgoing, playful, and adventurous. She loves exploring new spaces and quickly adjusts to new people and environments. She also loves chin scratches and cuddles while she naps. 

Maki Roll is definitely more timid at first, but also very curious. She loves stealthily exploring new spaces and items. You can often find her napping in a warm and cozy place. 

They have some similarities too. They both love playing with each other and with toys, especially wands with feathers. They also both love treats, especially Churu and crunchy Temptations. Above all, they love each other very much and it's always so sweet to see when they cuddle up or play together.


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