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Summit Sutter

Domestic Medium Hair (medium coat) | 4 Years 1 Month | Male

Handsome and cuddly, Summit will be the only cuffing buddy you’ll need this season! He’s gentle but loves to love you, whether it be pets, sitting by your side or headbutting you for cheek scratches! He’s vocal about things he likes and things he doesn’t (he’s a loud purr-er) and not afraid to admit how much he loves spooning next to you (or on top of you sometimes)!

As mentioned, he does have a lot of energy to play and explore, though gentle and low key as he is. So he’ll need a buddy who can keep up with some of his shenanigans. Otherwise, he’s playful, extremely sweet and ready for a home to snuggle up in. 

This cat can be adopted with a friend or as a single cat.

Find Out How to Adopt Summit Sutter