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Absinthe & Ouzo

Domestic Short Hair (short coat) | 2 Months 22 Days |

Adorable kitten alert!! Absinthe and Ouzo are tiny best friends who are extremely sweet, playful, and full of life. Though they are not related, the two have become inseparable, always play-wrestling each other or looking to make trouble around the house together, if not snuggling for nap time. 

Absinthe (mostly white with black) is a sophisticated gal who loves face massages. Given her smarts, she will first do a thorough background check on any stranger she meets, but once you pass the test, she’ll be running all around you and melting on your lap.

Ouzo (mostly black with white) is the cutest, incredibly soft and gorgeous little fluff ball there ever was. In his world, everything is a toy and everyone is a cuddle buddy. He was rescued with one ruptured eye, but that has not affected his sprightly attitude one bit. 

Ouzo will need an enucleation once he is big enough for the procedure—and will officially be rocking the pirate look. Both kittens love other cats and would do well in any household, with or without children. 


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