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Bunny & Stegosaurus

Domestic Short Hair (short coat) | 5 Months 23 Days |

Bunny and Stegosaurus are a pair of ridiculously adorable, fun loving kittens that will provide any home with unlimited entertainment.  These two are a bonded pair that spend most of the day playing and cuddling with each other, but still have very different personalities. 

Stegosaurus (orange) is very expressive, and seems to have a different little noise for every situation he finds himself in.  Bunny (with the one eye) is curious, a little mischievous, and extremely affectionate.  Both are quick learners, and when they warm up to you (which doesn’t take long) they love to follow you around, sit on your lap and watch some tv, play, or just hang out. They are a unique and seriously lovely pair of kittens.   

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