Domestic Short Hair (short coat)

Toona Von Dobbin (or just Toona) is an affectionate lap cat who enjoys being carried like a baby. He is a ten-year-old former colony cat who was evicted from his outdoor home and brought inside to try an indoor life. Toona has made amazing progress in these months. Initially shy and quiet he would stay in his room and tent, but he gradually started coming out and has become very comfortable and loving with his foster family. He loves to play with feather toys and his favorite is hide-and-seek with a piece of ribbon. He's had vet care as well as dental work (8 teeth removed). He has mild upper respiratory allergies and may sneeze or cough on occasion, but he is a healthy boy. He eats wet food and isn’t particularly picky. He loves to be in bed with his people and is very affectionate, smothering you with head butts. He will seek out a warm lap and loves pets. Like a good boy, he does not jump up on furniture or tables, but prefers to be on the ground. He's also the softest cat ever! He does have a spicy side, will try and grab your leg if you get up from petting him and walk away. He is still scared by some loud noises and a lot of activity in his environment and has been known to hiss if something triggers him. But mostly he's a mush who lets people carry him around like a baby. He's currently in a home with two resident cats and it's been challenging as those cats aren't accepting him and there's been a few scuffles. He would be great as an only cat as long as he receives plenty of affection and play time. He may be ok with a docile cat, with a gradual introduction. A quiet home with no children is probably best as is a home where people aren't away for long periods on a regulsr basis. He can get quite vocal when he's lonely! Toona is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and healthy. *Courtesy Posting: This cat is being independently offered for adoption by a rescuer who is not a representative of BBAWC or Brooklyn Cat Cafe. The rescuer offering this cat is responsible for the content of this post and any medical records and vaccines. BBAWC and Brooklyn Cat Cafe cannot vouch for any information in this post. An adoption fee will be charged by the rescuer.