Domestic Short Hair

Mo and Atlas are a pair of brothers that were trapped in San Juan, Puerto Rico from a colony that is currently being TNRed by a trio of people just trying their best. Mo (full name Momus, but it’s only used when he gets in trouble) is a gorgeous brown tabby with piercing green eyes. He has a big personality, loves wrestling with his brother and adores climbing up on cat towers and shelves with great athleticism. He loves to cuddle up cradled in your shoulder while getting scritches and will just purr away. Mo was the hissiest of his litter when they were trapped at 6 weeks old, but now he’s playful and confident and will rub up against your legs. Atlas is a lanky panther with eyes that seem to change color during the day between blue and green. Atlas adores treats and meat tubes and he will defend them like the tiny panther he is. He likes head and chin scritches, will occasionally give love bites and sometimes even plops on his back exposing his belly (this may or may not be a trap.) He’s got a quirky eartip which healed differently after surgery and adds to his cute derpiness. These boys are good with other cats, dogs, kids and every human they have ever met.