Domestic Short Hair

Jekyll is an absolute cuddle bug. Although he does prefer to be near you at all times, he also does well on his own, and will lay in his spots or play on his own when you’re not home. If you decide to take a shower, he’ll wait for you at the inside of the door. If you decide you want to watch TV, he’ll either be on the couch with you, or not far from your feet. If he hears you near the kitchen, where his food is kept, he immediately runs to under your feet, excited that he may get some food. The way he gets excited about each meal, you would never guess you just fed him a few hours ago! He is a cat that could be on his own or with another cat. He will lay on the couch with the resident cat and allow the resident cat to groom him, but he doesn’t look to be near him either. Jekyll needs someone who will be able to watch his mealtime if there are other cats present however. If he has a chance, he will eat his own food and run for the other resident cats’ food if they are not separated. He currently is pre-diabetic, with blood sugar levels being controlled with limited ingredient wet food. Koha brand seems to be the best fit for his digestive health. He should not have any dry food! He gets a swollen belly if he has eaten too much or something that does not agree with him. In the morning, when the alarm goes off for his person to wake up, he is an extra alarm clock! He jumps into bed and will start nudging his person to remind her the alarm just went off. Jekyll had a tough life on the streets before being taken in. He has a little bit of a strange walk that doesn’t slow him down at all. He jumps on high surfaces and climbs into his litterbox with no problem. Nothing stops him! It just makes him that much cuter. He is very grateful to be saved and shows you lots of love and purrs to let you know. His need for follow up care will Include making sure his blood sugar levels stay down and making sure his belly stays down. The change in diet has alleviated his symptoms and could keep him healthy for a long time. Jekyll is neutered and vaccinated for rabies. He has not yet had his FVRCP vaccines, nor a microchip. Please discuss with the rescuer getting these done. *Courtesy Posting: This cat is being independently offered for adoption by a rescuer who is not a representative of BBAWC or Brooklyn Cat Cafe. The rescuer offering this cat is responsible for the content of this post and any medical records and vaccines. BBAWC and Brooklyn Cat Cafe cannot vouch for any information in this post. An adoption fee may be charged by the rescuer.