Domestic Short Hair

Willow is a big fluffy baby boy who loves close cuddles and always desired to be near. Even if he doesn’t fit — he sits! Also known as Sir Willow, he has a regal quality upon first glance. However his foster mom has come to discover his clumsy, bumbly nature as he darts and slides around her apartment. Whilst his foster mom works from home, Willow demands proximity and enjoys sleeping on top of her desk beneath the monitor. Each day there is a bit of a negotiation as Willow would prefer to sleep directly on top of his foster mom's hands, keyboard and/or laptop. He enjoys a cuddle in bed (little spoon) nestling close to faces for pets and gently pawing at cheeks. His foster mom has yet to find the cat toy of his choice, rather, Willow enjoys playing with odds and ends from the floor (bottle caps, bobby pins, rubber bands, etc.). He really does not enjoy being alone and will even jump onto his foster mom’s lap while she is trying to use the bathroom (haha). He’s attempted to join the shower and has not learned so far that it is unpleasant. Sir Willow is super friendly and has enjoyed many visitors. Far from shy he came right out of his shell and seems to feel right at home despite his saddening story. Found alone in a crate without food, water or bathroom facilities, Willow was one of the many adult cats cast aside for a younger model. Happy to be loved by all, Willow is now looking for his furever home. One of the sweetest cats truly! Visit his instagram @crownstreetfosters for more video content of his adventures 🙂