Domestic Short Hair

Brutus is the sweetest and most gentle little guy. He is affectionate, loves getting pets, and is always ready to butt his head against you and started bearing his belly just a few days into fostering! He is patient, peaceful and laid back– but he without a doubt wants to be a part of the group, and will lay or sit a couple feet from his humans. He is an intelligent, observant boy, and at the same time so friendly and sociable. He quickly accepted his small foster-brother-dog – not to the point of cuddling, but to the point of lounging on the floor side by side! Brutus has two distinct meows; one being a practically soundless, tiny roar, and the other being a monkey-like chirp. He doesn’t put these charms to use often (mainly right before feeding time) and lets his humans sleep without a sound or commotion. He is not a picky eater, and has not shown aggressive or destructive behavior of any kind. He is truly a special boy and a wonderful companion. Extra points for chin scratchies, which put him in a blissful daze!