Domestic Short Hair

Lady Rosalind is an  elegant and opinionated ginger beauty who loves lounging on soft blankets and smacking down bugs. Her fur is buttery soft and fluffy and she prowls around like a golden tigress. Her desire for pets and affection can run into conflict with her mysterious past, which causes her to have a specific trust issue with hands, but she has come around nicely since moving from the hustle-and-bustle to a quieter foster home. She has gone from getting nervous whenever a hand approaches to accepting head and butt pets like a breeze (especially when there are treats involved) and we believe she will continue to improve in a loving home. She is not shy at all when meeting new people and is well used to household sounds and happenings. Rosalind would be ideal for someone looking for a cool roommate who doesn’t need constant attention but will be super grateful for a sofa to lounge on, a little bit of play time to practice her boxing moves, and the time to build a trusting bond which can be greatly accelerated by bribing. Rosalind would be happiest as a single lady in a quiet home.