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Want to adopt? Think about it.

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you ready for the commitment?
  • Are your family members and roommates on board?
  • Is your home and living situation and lifestyle conducive to providing a safe and happy home for a cat companion?
  • Are you financially prepared for long term and emergency costs?
  • Do you have allergies? If so, how will you handle them?
  • What is your plan for travel?
  • Would fostering be a better fit until you’re completely ready?

Submit an application

You can either specify the cat(s) you have your eye on or we are happy to provide suggestions. Not sure what you’re looking for? We’ve got some ideas. Answer questions fully and confirm references emails before pressing submit.

Wait patiently…

Why haven’t I heard back?

Your application will be processed as quickly as possible and in the order that it was received. Please do not follow up via email or phone, it only slows things down.


Meet the cats

Either at the cafe or virtually at a foster home

Once your application is approved, we’ll connect you with the foster families of the cats you want to meet or you can schedule a visit at the cafe to meet cats on the floor. Let us know when you’ve found your match!

Bring them home!

Once you have made things official with a donation and paperwork and gotten the go ahead, pick up your new friend(s) either from the cafe or directly from the foster home. Don’t forget a carrier!

Adoption Donation

$150 single adult
$175 companion kitten
$300 cat pair
$400 young kitten pair

Still waiting?

I still haven’t heard back and it’s been a while. Why is this?

  1. 1. You didn’t submit an application: sending an email or expressing interest on Petfinder does not count as an application. Applicants will get an instant email receipt when the application is submitted, if you don’t have that, the application didn’t go through.
  2. 2. Your references haven’t responded: The next step of the adoption process happens once their references are checked — if no references have responded in 5-7 days, you will get an email asking for more references. The best way to ensure this doesn’t happen is to tell references to expect an email.
  3. 3. You didn’t respond to a follow up email: Applicants might get a follow up email with additional questions or concerns. Please check your spam folder.
  4. 4. You applied for a single kitten: The application makes it very clear that we won’t process applications for single kittens. Those applicants will not be responded to.
  5. 5. You did get an email: Check your spam folder!

If none of those are the case, please email

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