How we became the first cat cafe in Brooklyn

We are a non-profit animal rescue working to reduce animal homelessness through adoption, education, TNR and outreach run by the animal rescue group Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition.

We offer a rotating selection of cold drinks and packaged snacks.

The cats at the cafe are not available for fostering as cafe residents have already graduated from our foster program. We do, however, have many other lovely cats and kittens looking for temporary homes. We are always happy to expand our foster network – please submit an application to get started. Learn more about our foster program here.

All of our cats besides our mascot, Newt, are available for adoption. Read more about our adoption process here. Please keep in mind that we do not do same day adoptions. The rats, guinea pigs, rabbits and gerbil are also adoptable.

We are primarily staffed by volunteers and would love to have you involved, although we are not always accepting new volunteers – the application is available here. At this time, we can only accommodate volunteers over the age of 18.

Yes! More info here.

In general, we are only able to accept unopened food, secure carriers and unused cat toys. We can only accept linen and bedding during specific times. Please email if you have a specific item that you would like to donate.

We are not a traditional shelter and are not set up to accept found or unwanted cats. Please do not bring the cat to the cafe — contact BBAWC directly to see how they can help.

No, you aren’t able to drop off your cat at the cafe. Please contact BBAWC directly for resources.

Bring the cat to ACC. If you physically present the cat, they are required to take them. ACC will not euthanize the cat unless it is past help and suffering.

How is the Brooklyn Cat Cafe different from the other cat cafes in NYC?

Brooklyn Cat Cafe is the only cat cafe in NYC that is owned and operated by a local, non-profit, 501c3 animal rescue organization with a focus on supporting animal rescuers and owners. We work to increase awareness and provide more accessible resources to pet owners and rescuers. All profits from the cafe go to our animal rescue and outreach work.

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