How we became the first cat cafe in Brooklyn

The cats rule!

In order to provide the best experience for all visitors and our furry residents, please follow these guidelines when in the cafe. All visitors must sign a release form.

Any individuals who are unable to comply with the rules will be asked to leave and will not receive a refund.

General guidelines

1. Use HAND SANITIZER before entering.

2. Your STICKER has your check-out time.

3. CHECK OUT at the front desk at the end of your stay.

4. If you’d like to EXTEND YOUR STAY, please inquire at the front desk.


6. Do not disturb them if they are eating or sleeping.

7. Ask for assistance with CATS IN CAGEBANKS

8. RED COLLAR CATS need a little extra space.

9. YELLOW COLLAR CATS should not be fed treats.

Age guidelines

1. Children under 3 can enter for free.

2. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

3. Children under 14 may not pick up cat.

4. Minors (under 18) must have an adult sign a waiver on their behalf.


For visitors under 14 (human) years

1. No running or yelling.

2. If a cat is hiding, let it hide.

3. If a cat is sleeping, let it sleep.

4. Do not climb on cat or human furniture.

5. Please share the cats and the cat toys.

  • 6. Please keep an eye on your parents and make sure they are following the rules.

Parents: Please supervise your children at all times. Your family will be asked to leave if you or your children are unable to follow the rules.


Cats are cats and we cannot control everything they do. While following the rules may help to limit negative behaviors, we cannot be liable for things that may result from interacting with a cat.