Small animals

Small Animals

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Adopting small animals

Rats, guinea pigs and rabbits

The cafe and our foster homes play host to a variety of small animals. Like their cat friends, each gerbil, rat, rabbit, guinea pig, or other tiny buddy is a rescue. While small and often easier to fit in an apartment than a cat or dog, these companions have specific and sometimes complex care needs. Make sure to do some species specific research before taking the plunge and filling out an application.

The Rat Pack

Breed   –  Rat
Gender  –  Neutered Male
Age –  6 months
Color  – White & Brown

Sweet and cuddly rats are ready to find their own families. Raised from two accidental litters, these ratties have been handled since they were a few days old. They enjoy crawling around and pets from people. The rats must go in pairs or larger groups. Adoption donation $85 each.

Ollie & Simba

Breed   –  Guinea Pig
Gender  –  Neutered Male
Age –  Almost 2
Color  – White & Black

Simba and Ollie are always ready to greet you and can become a little demanding about continued scritches and treats. They enjoy their greens and fresh hay and are used to being gently handled and are calm when held securely in your arms.

Bashful, Dopey & Sleepy

Breed   – Guinea Pig
Gender  – Spayed/neutered
Age – 2 years
Color  – Multi

These three siblings love nose scritches and are good when taken out for cuddles. Sisters Bashful and Sleepy and their brother Dopey were all fostered with a young child and enjoyed the companionship. When happy and getting fresh greens or hay they often do little zoomies.