Domestic Short Hair

Haribo is a gorgeous tabby who recently had a litter of five kittens. The kittens are ready for their forever homes, and so is she! She was found with her litter in a garbage can, but despite her rough beginnings, she is the sweetest cat and very grateful for the love and comforts of indoor life. Haribo is quite affectionate and loves being pet almost as much as she loves food. Once she knows you well enough, she loves sitting in laps, on chests, on hands, on feet – she is a great substitute for a weighted blanket. She is mellow and will deign to chase a toy once in a while, but she mainly enjoys lounging. Haribo would do best as a single cat in a home with no children. She would also do best with experienced cat owners who can sense when she wants affection (most of the time!) and when she needs space (on occasion). Street life was hard on Haribo and she is flourishing with heaps of love and peace.