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It doesn’t get better than that.

(Unless of course you actually want to cuddle kittens and then you have to come to the Brooklyn Cat Cafe in person.)

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Questions about the stream? Send an e-mail to kittencam at catcafebk dot com
(The beautiful hand made blankets the family plays on were donated by Comfort for Critters).

Our New Cat Family:  Criminal Minds Kittens (second batch) (Updates on our previous families can be found here)

Meet Emily Prentis (3-4 year old mom) and her five adopted kittens: Jason Gideon (orange), David Rossi (orange and white) Elle Greenaway (calico) Tara Lewis (grey) and Alex Blake (tortie). These four to five-week-old orphans haven’t quite figured out how to eat on their own. They were being syringe fed and recovering from a bath (syringe feeding is messy for EVERYONE involved) when Emily came over to make sure they were ok (there was a lot of screaming during the bath).  Pretty soon she was cleaning them and letting them nurse. Since Emily’s own kittens were ready to leave the terrarium anyway, we put these five in so that she can make sure that this second batch of Criminal Mind kittens grows up to be as strong and healthy as her first set.

Jennifer “JJ” Jareau (grey), Penelope Garcia (dilute tortie), Derek Morgan (orange), Spencer Reed (orange and white) , Aaron “Hoch” Hotchner (black) are all in a foster home running around and jumping on furniture to celebrate their excitement with all the new space.  They will be reunited with mom and their new kitten siblings in a week or so once the new kittens have figured out eating. Meanwhile Abby Yates is showing the kittens how things work in their new temporary home. Two of the kittens already have an application in and the rest of the family will be ready to go to their forever homes soon.

The original criminal minds kitten family was surrendered at the city shelter and were brought to us when the kittens were only 7 days old. The babies are two weeks old as of February 12th, and are learning every day. They have quickly learned how to get the best reaction from mom to make sure they get fed ASAP! Emily and her kittens are enjoying their new big space.

Kitten families are in the kitten terrarium because the kittens are too young to be vaccinated and so can’t be handled yet.The kittens are lots of fun to watch now that they are stumbling around and learning to walk (although mom gets a little annoyed with all their activity sometimes). However, this family is incredibly lucky that they are safe and well fed. Many families living on the street are not so lucky and the homeless cats often have very hard lives. That’s why we recommend that all cats be spayed & neutered to prevent pet overpopulation. In 2014 over 2400 adoptable cats were euthanized because they could not find homes at the city shelter. For those cats who live on the street and are not friendly, we also offer TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) classes taught by Neighborhood Cats to ensure that fewer kittens are born and grow up homeless around New York City.

The kittens will come out of the terrarium when they are 8 weeks and can get their first vaccine. They will be eligible for adoption at 10-12 weeks. Kittens and mom will all be spayed once they are old and healthy enough. They will then go to their forever homes. Once they are ready to come out, we will have another rescued mother and kitten set and will be looking for new names. We will post on our Facebook page when we are ready to accept ideas about new litter names.

Ivory (the rat)  was rescued 6 months ago and became best friends with a four week old black kitten named Ebony. Ebony had FeLV (Feline Leukemia virus), a contagious (to other cats) and ultimately fatal disease. Ivory and Ebony would romp and play together until they passed out cuddled up together.  Since she last played with Ebony, Ivory has been living in a foster home with adult cats who have enjoyed hanging out with him (sleeping in his box of hay, etc). Ivory has been missing kittens (and we have missed him) so now that we have the kitten terrarium we have set up a cage so he can be here and hang out with the kittens and us. Ivory is about two years old which is getting up there in rat years, so he is slower and likes to sleep more. He is still very roly-poly and cuddly. On Monday, February 6th we were heartbroken when we had to euthanize Ivory. His elderly body had been declining over the last few months, and we had been monitoring him closely.  We were first introduced to Ivory 18 months ago when he became Ebony’s companion. Since then, he had always shown such kindness to all creatures – kittens (however obnoxious) and humans. He’s been a role model for all of us – practicing tolerance and love of all creatures. He will be greatly missed.