Kitten Cam

 A mother cat and her cute kittens!

24 hours, 7 days a week.

From the comfort of your own home.

It doesn’t get better than that.

(Unless of course you actually want to cuddle kittens and then you have to come to the Brooklyn Cat Cafe in person.)

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Questions about the stream? Send an e-mail to kittencam at catcafebk dot com
(The beautiful hand made blankets the family plays on were donated by Comfort for Critters).

Our New Cat Family:  Dictators & Drag Queens (Updates on our previous families can be found here)

Two orphaned families: (1) The Dictators born 3/20/17, include Imelda Marcos (larger torbie), Eva Peron (smaller torbie), Franco (orange), & Castro (brown tabby). They were born in the basement of a large residential building in Brooklyn. Franco was brought in first because he had a severe cold and eye infection. Eva and Castro were abandoned by their feral mom and brought in next. The three siblings were bottle fed until they were eating on their own. When mom was trapped so she could be spayed, Imelda was found and she was brought in to be reunited with her siblings.

(2) The Drag Queens, born 3/27/17, consist of Raja Gemini (grey male), Sasha Velour (grey/white female), RuPaul (black faced male) and Dorothy Michaels (white nosed female). They were named by visiting volunteers from Harvey Milk High School. These kittens were brought into the city shelter (ACC) as orphaned bottle babies – kittens needing round the clock bottle feeding. Now that they are finally self-feeding they are having a great time learning to play with their foster siblings.

Kitten families are in the kitten terrarium because the kittens are too young to be vaccinated and so can’t be handled yet. Usually the families include a mom who keeps the kittens clean and helps them learn proper kitten behavior. Since these kittens are orphans they are learning everything on their own. Orphaned kittens are lucky to have been found and rescued. But growing up without a mom can reduce the likelihood of them surviving as they miss out on important nutrients. Of course making sure that all outdoor cats are spayed and neutered will prevent the appearance of orphaned kittens. It is also important to make sure that the mom has definitely abandoned the kittens. Making sure mom is eventually spayed will ensure that future orphaned kittens will not occur.

The kittens will come out of the terrarium when they are 8 weeks and can get their first vaccine. They will be eligible for adoption at 10-12 weeks. Kittens will all be spayed/neutered once they are old and healthy enough. They will then go to their forever homes. Once they are ready to come out, we will have another rescued family.

Rats in the Terrarium

Remy (grey/white) & Emile (brown) are two new, young rats who are joining the kittens in the terrarium. These boys are so active and playful and they love to share snacks with the kittens. They love vegetables and head scratches. Although rats and cats have adversarial relationships outside the terrarium – inside the kittens are the perfect size to have supervised romp and play sessions with the kittens. Because the rats are not scared of the kittens, they don’t run away and the cats don’t hunt them. However, the kittens are convinced that the rat tails are there primarily for them to play with. Remy and Emile are ok with that so long as the kittens play gently with their tails. 

These boys were rescued and lovingly raised by HALT Helping All Little Things is a small animal rescue serving New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. It is run by is run by Danielle Challender, Jimmy Clark and Ericka Chadbourne, who have decided to open their homes and hearts to neglected, abused and unwanted small animals. Working in conjunction with foster homes, shelters and other rescues, they find permanent loving homes for animals such as guinea pigs, chinchillas and hamsters. If you are looking to adopt a small animal we recommend you check out the wonderful small mammals that they have who are looking for homes!

Our original rat, Ivory  was rescued and became best friends with a four week old black kitten named Ebony who couldn’t have any other cat friends. Ebony had FeLV (Feline Leukemia virus), a contagious (to other cats) and ultimately fatal disease. Ivory and Ebony would romp and play together until they passed out cuddled up together.  After Ebony died, Ivory was set up in a cage in the terrarium so he could hang out with the kittens and us. On February 6th, we were heartbroken when we had to euthanize Ivory. His elderly body had been declining over the last few months, and we had been monitoring him closely.  We were first introduced to Ivory 18 months ago when he became Ebony’s companion. Since then, he had always shown such kindness to all creatures – kittens (however obnoxious) and humans. He’s been a role model for all of us – practicing tolerance and love of all creatures. He will be greatly missed.