Kitten Cam

The Not Ready for Prime Time Players

Our Kitten Terrarium is a special space within the cafe dedicated to our tiniest residents — a rotating cast of adorable kitten families. These little ones are too young to be fully vaccinated, so they enjoy their own cozy haven, separate from our other feline friends. Our live feed allows you a front-row seat to all of the cuteness, 24/7! Whether you’re at home, work (we won’t tell!) or out and about, you can take a peek into their world anytime you need a dose of kitten therapy.

Current family: Bento Box & Her Lunches

Bento Box and her tabby daughters Umeboshi, Maki Roll and Tamagoyashi, and their (extremely handsome) brother Wagashi, were rescued in the Bronx in early June before the kittens had even opened their eyes. Bento was a doting and caring mom for her tasty treasures, and now that they have learned to eat independently, Bento is enjoying some well-deserved time off. The kittens are available for adoption in pairs.

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