Kitten Cam

The Not Ready for Prime Time Players

This is a live feed of our kitten terrarium, a special section of the cat cafe that houses a rotating cast of kitten families. These kittens are separated from the rest of the felines at the cafe as they are too young to be fully vaccinated, but their progress can be viewed in person and online.

Alexa, Aunt Alexie & the many thumbed munchkins
Alexa joined us with her newborn kittens and sister, Alexie. They had been living with a family who could not find affordable vet care so neither sister was spayed. We’re grateful that we were able to provide a safe place for Alexa to raise her kittens.

Adoption Status: Outgoing Alexa and her shyer sister Alexie are very bonded and ready to be adopted together. The five kittens are almost three months and available in a pair and trio.

Over a million kittens are born outside in NYC each year and at least 75% will not live more than 6 months. Be a part of the solution and support the Brooklyn Cat Cafe — with your help, we can provide more resources to address the epidemic of outdoor unspayed and unneutered cats living in our communities.