Kitten Cam

The Not Ready for Prime Time Players

This is a live feed of our kitten terrarium, a special section of the cat cafe that houses a rotating cast of kitten families. These kittens are separated from the rest of the felines at the cafe as they are too young to be fully vaccinated, but their progress can be viewed in person and online.

Vantablack & baby panthers

Sweet Vantablack was rescued with her four young kittens, Dark Matter and Eight Ball (girls) and Rorschach and Squid Ink (boys). Vanta loves human attention and is teaching her baby panthers how to be friendly and playful kittens.

Adoption Status: The kittens are too young to be adopted, but they will be available for adoption in pairs in July as long as they continue to thrive. We do not do pre-adoptions.

If you enjoy seeing the kittens play and grow on the kitten cam, please consider supporting the Brooklyn Cat Cafe so that we may bring in more of these feline families who would otherwise have lived tough lives on the streets.