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Fifi & Rufus

Domestic Short Hair | | Female

Fifi and Rufus are an adorable pair of kittens who start off shy, but open up more every day. They love treats, chasing each other and playing with toys. They love to explore, and are particularly enamored by the sink, but also love finding the coziest spot to cuddle up for a nap together. These two are a bonded duo who really love each other, and are frequently checking-in on the other.

Fifi is a black and white playful beauty who loves running laps and believes anything can be a toy if you use your imagination. She greets her foster parents by the door and demands pets immediately upon their homecoming- if you're not acknowledging her as quickly as she’d like, she will remind you through the cutest little cry and repeated head-butts. Rufus also loves to play and explore, but often prefers to cuddle up with resident cats and demand a bath from them. His people-love can easily be bought with tasty treats once he's taken a few days to make sure you're a friend not foe. If you’ve passed his test he will start sneaking into bed to cuddle you (only after you’ve fallen asleep and he’s worked up some courage).

Fifi and Rufus are a shy quirky duo but that doesn’t mean they aren’t loving and affectionate in their own ways. Fifi loves to be pet and played with, but isn’t yet a cuddler. Rufus started off like a hissy little punk, but quickly became a cuddling purr machine (on his terms). Fifi and Rufus would excel in a quiet home with someone willing to give them the time they need to acclimate and blossom. They have a lot of love to give and are the source of many smiles and laughs in their foster home.

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