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Domestic Short Hair | 7 Years 9 Months | Female

Castle is the sweetest friend to have around the house. She might be a little slow to warm up to you at first, but once you have won her loyalty, this tabby won’t be afraid to follow you around, nudge, and nuzzle you. She will greet you at the door when you come home each day and will meow when she’s hungry or when she wants you to wake up and give her attention. She goes absolutely crazy for chicken treats and will climb onto your lap for one. Castle is independent, explorative, and confident, and a sweet household companion who takes great interest in all that her humans do. She does have some kidney issues, which are currently stable but requires a special food – which, luckily, she loves.

Castle would make a great pet for any family. She is very low maintenance and mostly likes to lay in a soft bed and explore when it’s quiet, but she’s even happier when rubbing against her humans and being pet.

Castle is in need of an echocardiogram and dental surgery, but we'd be happy to partner with her adopters to ensure that this lady gets the treatment that she needs to be happy and healthy.

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