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Domestic Short Hair | 5 Years 8 Months | Male

To know Melman is to love him. Named after a giraffe due to his colors and length, this guy is just ready for affection and attention. He has a way of hugging you while you hold him and nestling into your neck.

Melman is friendly, outgoing, affectionate, cuddly — and occasional suffers from outbreaks of single kitten/fratboy jerk syndrome. He loves to to explore and climb furniture and make sure nothing is precariously placed (such a helpful guy!). He follows his foster around the apartment when not receiving enough attention. He enjoys other cats, but has emphatically declined to share their home with any dogs.

Although we don’t know his history, we suspect that Melman was raised as a single kitten and taught to play rough — which is why he is just now learning appropriate play behavior. While he does need his 20 hours of beauty sleep, he is otherwise pretty active and needs space and an appropriate cat companion for a good chase or wrestling match.

Melman is generally kind and cuddly with humans (he is a total snuggle bug), but can get nippy without enough stimulation. When he decide it’s time to wrestle and play rough, he will happily choose you if not redirected to the appropriate playmate / cat toy with potentially painful consequences.

Melman needs to go to an experienced home with someone who is able to understand and pay attention to cat body language and willing to create structure and boundaries AND with an active and assertive adult cat with similar play instincts and energy. No kids.

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