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Dolly & Lulu

Domestic Short Hair (short coat) | 13 Years 5 Months | Female

Dolly and Lulu are bonded 13-year-old sister lap cats who are affectionate and loving. Lulu is the black cat and Dolly is the white cat with black spots. They cuddle together like yin and yang. They are also very much enjoy human company and warm people laps. Even though they are 13 years old, they still love to play with feathers, lasers and balls.

Lulu was born to be a lap kitty. Whomever is lucky enough to have Lulu in their lap, will be rewarded with a look of complete adoration and a warm purr. Lulu loves affection, she loves company and she loves chilling out with her sister Dolly. She is a true lover. Dolly has an intrepid, brave spirit while still being very affectionate. She very rarely cries and asks for very little (other than some delicious wet food). She is very intuitive and often knows when you are feeling stressed or down in which case she will come hop on your lap.She still loves to play feather games and has caught more laser beams than any other cat on the block.

Their current owner rescued them outdoors as kittens but a parent who is allergic to cats is moving in with the family and she can no longer keep them. Lulu is missing her right front paw, but it has caused her no trouble at all.

Dolly and Lulu are spayed and up to date on vaccines. Both cats will need some extra medical care. Lulu needs dental work. Dolly could likely use dental work as well and might do well to take a joint supplement. Interested adopters can discuss with their current owner any costs for their care.

*Courtesy Posting: This cat is being independently offered for adoption by a rescuer who is not a representative of BBAWC or Brooklyn Cat Cafe. The rescuer offering this cat is responsible for the content of this post and any medical records and vaccines. BBAWC and Brooklyn Cat Cafe cannot vouch for any information in this post. An adoption fee will be charged by the rescuer.

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