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Fierce Brosnan

Domestic Short Hair | 1 Year 8 Months | Male

Don’t be fooled by Fierce Brosnan’s name — he couldn’t be more gentle! This cute gray and white buddy loves pets and treats and will climb into your lap and make biscuits to show just how happy he is to be your friend. He was crying out to be rescued in Sunset Park, so we suspect he was an abandoned house cat. He’s so happy to be back inside where he loves to scratch on his tall scratching post, peer out the window and observe neighborhood goings-on, chase a laser, ball or string toy, and take long naps cuddled up next to his foster brother.

Fierce is a total lap cat and he’s not shy about demanding cuddles when he wants them. He will reward you with lots of purring and slow love blinks. He is young and playful and would be happiest in a multi-cat home. He gets along swimmingly with his foster’s resident cat — they even groom each other — and had fun playing with a young foster kitten and showing her the ropes. We’re not sure about dogs or kids yet as there are none in his foster’s home. However, he is very tolerant of handling (you can easily pick him up and hold him and he loves belly rubs!) so he might do well with children who want to shower him with affection.

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