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Domestic Short Hair | 2 Years 5 Months | Male

Bobsled is turning into quite a spunky lovey gentleman. A tuxedo with white handlebar mustaches from the Bronx, he might look tough but he will melt you with his tiny meow and Puss-in-Boots eyes.

Bobsled loves play hunting with the wire wand and toys on ribbons. He will even stalk a yoga mat inched along the ground with your toes! He gets creative -- pretending not to care, or hiding under a chair…and then he strikes! He loves treats and might accidentally scratch if he gets too excited, but he is nothing but love. Bobsled nurses adorably on soft blankets and perches atop boxes. He will sit with you but he's not a lap cat (yet) - he will lounge nearby and send you loving blink kisses. He likes being pet from the shoulders back - he isn't on board with ear scritches yet.

Bob is quiet and non-aggressive and might benefit from a mellow similar-age or slightly older feline companion to show him the ropes. He gets agitated when he hears dogs and may not do well with one in the home. He may do well in a home with older children if they can respect his need for space.

Bobsled is in need of an echocardiogram due to having a heart murmur and we'd be happy to arrange an appointment at our next rescue clinic.

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