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A pair of girls called Funyun & Zapps

Domestic Short Hair | 2 Years 2 Months | Female

Funyun and Zapps (named after the potato chips!) are an adorable bonded pair.  While they are sisters and they grew up together, they couldn't be more different from each other!

Funyun is outgoing, playful, and adventurous.  She must explore as much as possible at any cost, and she will quickly warm up to new people and environments.  She loves watching birds and chattering at them!

Zapps is definitely more timid at first, but after getting to know new people she's very affectionate and loves chin and whisker rubs.  She will stand on her hind legs just to rub her face against her people.

They have some similarities too.  They both love playing, in particular they love chasing cat spring toys.  They are absolutely obsessed with Churu, Zapps loves them but Funyun in particular goes crazy for them.  Above all, they love each other very much and it's always so sweet to see when they cuddle up together.


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