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Oni & Gogmagog

Domestic Short Hair | 1 Year 1 Month | Male

Gogmagog and Oni came to the cafe as “kittens” but imagine our surprise when they turned out to be very large for their age! Gogmagog is named after a mythical Welsh giant and Oni is named after a huge Japanese demon, which alludes to the socialization work needed when they were rescued from a hoarding situation. (Though after several months in foster homes, they are now perfect, perfectly sweet gentlemen.)

Gogmagog is the larger of the two and definitely the boss. He has an adorable black splotch on his nose, and interestingly one big black polka dot on each side. He likes laying in your lap like a baby. He also likes licking legs like a dog. (To put in perspective – he’s larger than a Shih Tzu smaller than a Corgi with the kisses of a Lab.)

Oni is quite the sweetheart. He has a quiet personality, but is a loyal companion who will sit next to you all day. He loves cheek scritches and is quite fashionable with 3 big black polka dots and a dashing half-mask.

The boys are quite patient in the morning for breakfast and will let you sleep in as long as you’d like. They are also very gentle and never play-scratch or play-bite with humans (or really each other). As adults, they have a mellow energy level and enjoy playing but don’t wreck havoc.

They may do well with calm and patient children. Most of all, they may do best if they can have a moderate amount of human contact and love every day. (They aren’t really set-it and forget-it kind of cats for folks who are out of the house for most of the day, most days.) Gog and Oni will surely fill your life with more love and laughter.

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