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Sam Molier & Misa N. Place

Domestic Short Hair | 8 Months |

Playful and snuggly brother and sister and restaurant works Sam Molier and Misa N. Place could not get any cuter (seriously, they tried). Rescued at a couple weeks old with their siblings, mom and aunt, these munchkins enjoyed several weeks of undivided attention from two cat and several human caretakers -- which means they have not only learned how to play like pros, but they have had a lot of cuddle practice.

They are feisty, playful, funny and very loving. They are very bonded with one another and do everything together -- where one goes, the other follows. Both are very affectionate with their humans and they will take any opportunity to be right next to you wherever you are. Sometimes they can be a little mischievous and are very skilled at identifying hiding spots from which you will never be able to find them until they decide to come out of hiding and grace the world again with their happy presence!

Sam and Misa love to wrestle and explore and keep each other entertained with their shenanigans and then pass out curled up together. They are good with kids and other cats and most likely would enjoy a friendly dog.

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