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Apollo & Artemis

Domestic Short Hair / Mixed | 10 Months |

Apollo and Artemis are sweet and sassy teens ready to find their forever home. Apollo, the handsome grey and white tabby fellow, is generous with headbutts, boisterous, chatty and will do just about anything if treats are involved. He is definitely the brawn and swagger of this operation. Sweet Artemis, slightly more petite, black and white girlie with a gorgeous ink spot chin (her favorite skritch zone). While not as gregarious as her brother, Artemis is quite the clever girl and isn't about to let the boys push her around. She likes to carefully observe a situation before diving in. Treats both crunchy and churu tube go a long way in winning her over. They have both recently discovered the delight that is a cat tree and love watching birds and dragon flies from the window.

With pink noses and toe beans, these kittens are two wonderful companions, sure to brighten whatever home they find themselves in. The only thing this bonded pair loves more than each other is other cats — they won over their foster's grumpy resident kitty in a matter of days.

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