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Domestic Short Hair | 3 Years 5 Months | Female

Peaberry is a chatty, chirpy young lady who adores pets. She is a polite house guest who only scratches the scratching items provided and spends plenty of her time napping. She is occasionally playful, especially if it’s initiated with the toss of a ball or wave of a wand.  She enjoys sitting on laps or right next to them if there is room and will follow you around quietly. After some pre-bed cuddles she will happily sleep at your feet for the whole night. Peaberry was found outside of a semi-managed colony and it is presumed that she was recently dumped. She’s a calm and affectionate companion and she would love to tell you her whole story herself when she meets you -- however, she knows to stay quiet and out of the way if you are working from home.

Peaberry was rescued with severe dental disease and is in need of surgery. We are hoping that her adopters can help us cover the cost or assist with crowdsourcing for this necessary treatment.

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