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Cut & Copy

Domestic Short Hair | 6 Months | Female

Cut and Copy are two extremely playful sisters! They’re full of energy and love to play — whether with each other, toys, or your foot under a blanket. They enjoy running around chasing each other with toys in their mouths and climbing and jumping around on the cat tree. They’re easily entranced by anything that moves be it a wand toy or your hair. These sisters also really love each other. You’ll find them snuggled up together and making biscuits on each other. They’re great with the resident cats, constantly coming up to their resident brother and rubbing against him until he gives them licks.

Copy can be quite vocal when she wants attention and will let you know when she wants pets — you’ll quickly learn the range of chitters and polite meows she uses. She’s the alpha of the two and will climb up to you to insist you give her more affection. If you try to stop petting her she’ll nuzzle into your legs and let you know you’re not done! She’ll reward you for your pets with purrs and the occasional flop on her back for belly rubs!

Cut is still learning to trust humans and will avoid being picked up, but once you have her in your arms and are petting her she will easily doze off. She also accepts love in the form of Churu cat treats! She’s incredibly playful and is more likely to be found running around with a mouse toy in her mouth than her sister. With some consistent love and affection she’ll learn that cuddles are also nice!

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