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Mix & Match

Domestic Short Hair | 7 Months | Male

Mix and Match are two very sweet little boys full of kitten-ish antics. Mix (ginger) is quick to purr in appreciation of pets (and what a great purr it is) – especially if he is also making biscuits in his cat bed. He isn't much for cuddling, but he will wrap himself around your legs and lift himself up to press against your hand pretty much whenever you're willing to pet him. When he's fully asleep, you can often find him on his back, with his spotted belly exposed and his paws up around his face. Match is a bit more cautious, but he comes right over when he wants pets (and he will politely push your hand away when he's had enough, and then give you a little kiss so you know he's not mad). He particularly loves having the underside of his chin scratched, and has recently become interested in napping on his foster mom's lap. His belly looks so soft you can help but touch it, though he wishes you wouldn't, and he has the cutest multicolored toe beans. His purr is harder to earn, but it is beginning to become more frequent!

If you've been out, or even in another room, for a few hours, they will be waiting by the door to greet you and demand some pets and attention once you're back. When it's playtime, they will chase each other around, full speed, and occasionally will wait around corners to pounce when the other is unsuspecting. Match takes his hunting very seriously, and loves to carry all sorts of toys he's attacked around the room. Occasionally he seems to toss them up in the air so he can pounce on them again. Mix is sometimes bewildered by his brother's passion for mice and sushi toys (he prefers crinkle balls), but still likes to be in the thick of the action and will steal toys from Match when the opportunity arises! They love to burrow – a cat tunnel, packing paper, and big paper shopping bags are all very popular for both playtime and naptime. Once they’re done playing, wrestling and zooming around, they will settle in for a good long nap. Sometimes together, sometimes apart, and always adorable.

If you are looking for a sweet, affectionate pair of kittens who also enjoy their independence, this is the duo for you!

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