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Howard's End

Domestic Short Hair | | Male

Always wanted a snuggle buddy who won’t give you a choice in the matter? Of course! Howard is a caring, purring, meowing, licking goober - and he's looking for his forever home.

Cautious at first in his new foster home, Howard’s End was slow to explore the entirety of his new home, but quick to open up and snuggle. A little patience will allow him to open up and show you his true chill, loving self who adores cuddling close to you in bed and purring away to show his state of supreme relaxation and enjoyment. Give him a chin scratch and he’s in a state of bliss!

Once he’s settled in, he will show you just how friendly he is. He will come to the door to say hello when you arrive home and is very comfortable with strangers.

Ever hungry it would seem, Howard is constantly on the lookout for the next meal and will ru and devour any plate of cat food you put in front of him, licking the bowl clean to get any remaining scraps.

As if Howard couldn’t get any better, he has also proven to be very open to feline friends. The moment his new housemate Sebastian showed up, Howard couldn’t wait to meet and play. Once both cats are settled, it’s non-stop zoomie and play wrestling time for the two friends. Whether you’re looking to become a one-cat household or you have an FeLV cat who would like a companion, Howard’s the cat to have!

Because Howard has FeLV, he can only be around other FeLV cats, but he is visibly healthy with no outward signs of FeLV. He will have the best chance at living many more years in a caring home with a proper diet.

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