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Dipsy & Tinky Winky

Domestic Short Hair | 1 Year 6 Months |

Dipsy and Pinky Winky are playful balls of energy! They will have you laughing at their antics and will definitely make their presence felt in your home. They love to play, pounce and wrestle and are fed of toys, boxes and any small object they can bat around.

Dipsy (black and white boy) is the braver, more inquisitive and more confident of the pair. He loves snuggles (and is happy as the big or little spoon) and regularly seeks out affection. He trills to get your attention and frequently asks for pets, following you from room to room.

Tinky Winky (tabby girl) is the shyer of the pair and likes her space. She prefers to interact on her own terms, and while not fond of pets, she does enjoy interacting with feet through the bed covers.

They both love food and are wild about Churus — Dipsy, in particular, can sniff out a freshly opened packed from the other side of the apartment and will rush to get some into his belly immediately! Tinky Winky loves Churus too, although she is a lady with manners and is more reserved about asking for it.

These sweet young cats are looking for adopters who will give them the time and patience to feel comfortable and the confidence to open up in their own way.

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