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Felicity & Miss Marple

Domestic Short Hair | 5 Months 23 Days | Female

Miss M and Felicity are a bonded pair of sisters who can be found tending their luxuriant black coats or wrestling with each other. As often as not, one will have the other in a gentle headlock, giving a good cleaning to those hard to reach spots behind the ear. 

These kittens promise gentle and consistent affection: they will greet you at the door when you get home and follow you around, finding all your work and relaxation routines utterly engrossing. Whatever the outside world dished up, they’ll shower you with loving attention and riotous hilarity. They’ll cuddle you in bed and keep your legs warm. These kittens are well adjusted, find humans fascinating and fun, and mix well with their foster home’s resident cats. 

Miss Marple is the more outgoing and adventurous of the two. She is always on the lookout for prey: a fake mouse, a bird toy, a crunchy foil ball. Felicity is slightly shyer, but leans in hungrily for head scratches and long pets, especially at bedtime. With a long coat and fluffy tail, Facility is a poof ball of love. Felicity is also a tripod kitten, having lost a rear leg in an accident. She has adapted to her three-leggedness with complete aplomb (and incredible balance). She bounds up and down stairs, hops up to the bed, and generally has no physical limitations. Both cats are comfortable being picked up though usually hop away quickly when something attracts their attention.

These days, they alternate between play and napping in rapid succession. They’re fascinated by their tails and can’t understand why they never catch them. While interested in toys like crunching foil balls, the ball tower, and bird feathers, they are most interested in each other and love to rumble and wrestle and then collapse together for a nap. 

Very fastidious, these kittens learned all the important feline skills from their mom, like grooming, litter box use, and how to play nicely with your sibling.  Miss Marple and Felicity are sweet kittens and are guaranteed to provide plenty of love, companionship, and entertainment.

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