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Rock & Paper

Domestic Short Hair | 1 Year 0 Months | Male

Rock and Paper are a couple of mild mannered siblings whose personalities perfectly complement each other.  They are both very social once they have adjusted to their environment and do not want to miss out on anything going on in the house. Are you working? Paper will supervise from your lap or next to your computer while Rock naps in a box nearby. Are you cooking? Both kitties will play around in the kitchen to keep you company. Are you watching TV? They will happily join you on the couch for snuggles.

Rock is curious and courageous once he has adapted to his new environment and will snuggle with you for ages. If you start scratching him behind his ear he will actively push against your hand to show you he wants more. It takes a little longer to win Paper’s trust, but with some bribery (treats) Paper will also be a great snuggle buddy.

They love to chase each other around, admire their reflections in the mirror and play with string toys. While they are not huge fans of strangers yet, they are very loving and loyal to people they know.

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