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Rabbit & Squirrel

Domestic Short Hair | 7 Months | Female

Squirrel and Rabbit are the sweetest, gentlest purring machines. Once they get their energy out by playing and chasing each other, there’s nothing they want more than to curl up next to you and get some good pets and tummy rubs.

Pink Squirrel (tuxedo) is the more spunky and outgoing of the two. She loves exploring, chasing her tail, and investigating all the smells – and she goes crazy for cheese!

Pink Rabbit (black and white spotted) is shyer than her sister, but still very playful and affectionate. She tends to follow her sister’s lead, but will break away and come nuzzle up to you for some cuddles throughout the day.

These two are very bonded and do everything together—from playing to napping. While they *love* attention and affection, they aren’t too aggressive about seeking it out, making them perfect for a work-from-home environment (no Zoom interruptions from a kitten trying to climb you). They’re still a bit cautious around new people and can be skittish if you surprise them, but only get friendlier and more loving over time. They’re both very well-behaved and quiet, with no litterbox or scratching issues.

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