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Starsky, Hutch & Piper

Domestic Short Hair | 6 Months | Male

Starsky, Hutch and Piper are sweet boys who enjoy playing with each other and their foster brothers. They like playing with toys, and especially love chasing after wand toys. They enjoy cuddling with each other.

Starsky (black with white spot) was initially the most timid of the bunch, but is now coming out of his shell. He’s very sweet, enjoys being pet and playing. Will approach you when he wants attention. Hutch (black) is the most bold of the group. He is energetic, and playful. He enjoys pets. Piper (grey) is the most skittish, but is becoming more comfortable with human interaction. He’s a playful energetic kitty.

They are available as a pair with the spare brother joining another energetic and age appropriate feline friend.

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